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Welcome to bookbookshop.com, we are delighted to welcome you, and hope that you will have the best experience in compliance with these conditions. Bookbookshop.com is the exclusive property of MASSA JUDITH COORPORATION (Majith.corp), a limited liability company under Cameroonian law (OHADA area), registered in the Yaounde Trade Register under number RC/YAO/2019/B/422 and whose head office is located in Yaounde. By using it, you agree to comply with its terms as well as with the regulations in force in your area.


Bookbookshop.com is a digital platform that facilitates and improves access to the necessary documentation for pupils, students, professionals and other users in their school, university and socio-professional curriculum. This is achieved through our services of intermediation of exchange and rental between third parties of books and manuals, but also through the possibility for users to place orders for books, and to buy all other related supplies on this platform. By bringing third party sellers, exchangers and/or lenders into contact with third party buyers, exchangers and borrowers, bookbookshop.com shall not be held party to such contracts, nor shall it assume any liability arising therefrom (except in the case of orders placed by Majith.corp S.A.R.L.U.). The offerer and/or the third party purchaser are fully responsible for the statements, the objects, their uses as well as their quality and all that follows from it on this platform.


In order to use bookbookshop.com, whether as an offerer or an applicant, you must observe the intellectual property rights associated with each item you wish to share and/or sell on this platform, or acquire/rent/exchange. You must not, in any way, show degrading, misleading or threatening behavior towards any user or visitor through your actions on this platform. By connecting you, bookbookshop.com affirms the freedom to come and go, to do or not to do as humans as enshrined in core human rights. For a better experience, you should fill in your personal information in the fields related to your registration on this platform. This information will only be used to provide you with items that are important to you (newsletters, advertisements, etc.). Since bookbookshop.com is affiliated with other sites, some of the content published here may appear on those sites, and some of the information collected here may be used to enhance your experience on those sites.


In order to maintain mutual trust between users and our platform, and to eliminate any potential dissatisfaction, we systematically check all the contents published on it. However, we cannot guarantee 100% reliability of our system, as the international electronic architecture itself is not flawless. We therefore invite you to take all necessary measures to ensure that your data does not fall into the wrong hands. If you witness any inappropriate use of this platform, or if you feel that your property rights have been violated, please report it to info@bookbookshop.com so that appropriate action can be taken amicably. Indeed, any dispute arising from this platform, its use etc. should first be resolved amicably. This approach is specific to the Sudanese-Bantu culture from which it comes.

Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of our users, and we are committed not to violate it. However, for the purpose of improving the content provided to you, each time you connect to our platform several data are collected immediately for statistical and research and development purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, information about your location, information about your activity on our platform, etc.


You may not copy all or part of boobookshop.com and integrate it into your own programs, communicate any false or misleading material, post defamatory, obscene, abusive, or threatening material, send chain letters, spam, or run pyramid schemes, interfere with the proper working of boobookshop.com, use bots, or any other malicious means that may harm bookboookshop.com and/or its users. If we determine that you are not in compliance with this Agreement, we reserve the right to terminate your use without prior notice to you and to terminate your rights